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Kicks Count aims to reduce the UK’s shockingly high stillbirth and neonatal death rate by raising awareness of baby’s movements.

How do we do it?

  • Midwife Resources – We provide free resources to midwives including leaflets, maternity note inserts, stickers, posters and banners
  • Website – Our website is a valuable resource for up to date fetal movement and pregnancy information. All information on the site is intended to complement advice or information from your healthcare professional, not replace it.
  • Social Media – Our popular social media channels allow us to reach 2 million people per week
  • App – Our free mobile app helps women to keep track of their baby’s movements and identify a change in pattern
  • Media – Articles in national press and online allow us to raise more awareness of Kicks Count and our work
  • Businesses- We work with a number of businesses that help us reach their customers with our message.

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