Healthy Together Peer Support

Our Healthy Together Peer Support is for people living with serious mental health illness (SMI).

Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust’s (NSFT) SMI Suffolk Physical Health Team (SPHT) will refer you for our peer support when you meet with them for your annual health check. We support you to plan your health care appointments and to achieve your own physical health and wellbeing goals.

We believe that living with a mental health problem should not mean people have any less right to good physical health.

SUF is a trusted user led organisation. All our staff have lived experience of mental ill health, so can better understand some of the barriers to accessing healthcare, including how contact with statutory services can be difficult, and travelling to unknown places can result in anxiety.  Working with people we will better understand their individual support needs and work to minimise barriers to improved healthcare.

We believe in continuous coproduction, delivering a personalised approach, which is welcoming, accessible, approachable, safe, trauma informed, flexible and adaptable.

Together we make every contact count, providing information, building knowledge and self confidence for self advocacy and providing additional support for people to achieve their healthcare goals. This includes accompanying people to their appointments.

Thank you, for supporting me to contact the physio, she has been great and really is helping me to sort out my issues, if you hadn’t supported me, I wouldn’t have made that first call or appointment.

service user

There is a range of information can support you to achieve your wellbeing and physical health goals. SUF is in the process of becoming a member of Equally Well UK, an organisation that works to reduce the physical health inequalities for people with severe mental illness.

Healthy Together Information

You can download our Healthy Together information leaflet below.

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