COVID-19 Support

Welcome to our COVID-19 information page.

During the pandemic our SUF Engagement Team, Wendy, Tina and Siobhan have been working from home, providing weekly telephone support to SUF members, and to patients who have been shielding at Two Rivers Medical Centre.

As we go into this second lockdown, we are aware that its important people feel connected and supported, so we are re-contacting people over the next few weeks, to ‘check in’ and to chat through how things are going, discussing any worries, and offering wellbeing support such as self care tips, goal setting and planning.

We continue to deliver inpatient independent mental health advocacy, at Wedgwood House and Woodlands, to ensure people know their rights, options and choices as an inpatient. James our mental health advocate is also meeting virtually with inpatients at their weekly community meetings. Find out more by clicking on the Advocacy information button below.

We are always listening to your views about mental health services in COVID-19, gathering anonymised feedback and reporting on your experiences in our quarterly Feedback Report called ‘Making Our Voice Count’ which we present to commissioners and service providers, to ensure our voices are listened to. These can be read on the following page link.

Please continue to share your feedback with us and help us to identify any gaps in much needed services, but also to share positive feedback you may have, using the feedback button below.

Why not join us with our COVID-19 Thrive with Five self-care tips based on the five ways for wellbeing – Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Give.

Connect with us now by sharing your self-care tips!

For more information, helpful resources, click on the links below.

COVID-19 information and resources

Looking after ourselves during COVID-19