Thrive with Five

In support of the Suffolk Public Health Strategy for Wellbeing, which is called the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ programme we have coproduced our Thrive with Five series, exploring Connect,  Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give.

These self-care guides give us all some proven tips on how we can incorporate self-care into everyday life to help keep us strong and healthy in mind, body and spirit, all so valuable to our sense of wellbeing.

We have found so much energy and enthusiasm for finding new ways to not only maintain but to also grow our wider connections.

Join us on our journey and Thrive with Five!

Issue One: Connect

The first issue of the Thrive with Five series focusing on how we can grow our connections with others and our community to improve our mental wellbeing.


Issue Two: Be Active

The second issue of the Thrive with Five series teaches us how to Be Active and make physical activity a part our our everyday lives.

Issue Two: Be Active

Issue Three: Take Notice

The third issue of the Thrive with Five series helps us to Take Notice and be more aware of the world around us by taking the time to slow down the pace of our busy lives.

Take notice

Issue Four: Keep Learning

The fourth issue of the Thrive with Five series encourages us to Keep Learning at home, together, online or at work and challenge ourselves to do something new.

Keep Learning

Issue Five: Give

The fifth issue of the Thrive with Five series is about giving our time and attention to others. It’s the little things that can make a difference!