Our focus groups and forum meetings

Do you want to make a difference for people who use mental health services?

The following groups aim to bring people together to shape, influence and improve health and social care services in Suffolk.

Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings. This includes service users, family/parent carers, professionals, people representing organisations, service commissioners and providers.

1. The Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Focus Group

The Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Focus Group (MHEWFG) facilitates conversations between those responsible for mental health services, service users, family/parent carers and organisations.

It is a forum for sharing experiences and using them to challenge, shape and inform the current and future provision of mental health support in Suffolk.

Previously co-ordinated by Healthwatch Suffolk, meetings of the group are now co-hosted by Healthwatch Suffolk, Suffolk Family Carers and Suffolk User Forum. Each of the organisations will host two meetings of the group in each year, and at least two of the meetings will be opportunities for people to come together in person. Other meetings will be held online (using Zoom).

Administration of the group is led and managed by the Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board (SNEE ICB).

Meeting times

Meetings are from  1pm to 3pm.

Joining online meetings

When joining online service users and family/parent carers are welcome to join anytime from 12:45pm, and remain online afterwards a short while (about 15 minutes) for reflection with the meeting hosts as needed.

Meeting dates:

Meetings are expected to take place as outlined below, however these dates may besubject to change.

  1. Thursday, 9th February 2023 (Zoom) hosted by Healthwatch Suffolk.
  2. The in person meeting for Thursday, 20th April 2023 (Stowmarket) hosted by Suffolk Family Carers was rearranged for 11th May 2023 at Elmswell.
  3. Thursday, 15th June 2023 (Zoom) hosted by Suffolk Family Carers
  4. Thursday, 14th September 2023 (Kesgrave) hosted by Suffolk User Forum.
  5. Thursday 16th November 2023 (Zoom) hosted by Healthwatch Suffolk.
  6. Thursday 24th January 2024 (Zoom) hosted by Suffolk User Forum

The group’s Terms of Reference can be downloaded and read via this link MHEWFG Terms of Reference 2023.

For more information about the group, arrangements, and to sign-up for updates, please visit MH: Suffolk Mental Health & Wellbeing Focus Group | Lets Talk SNEE

I want to encourage people to join the this important group… It’s a chance for all organisations, people and networks to come together on equal terms, to consider key themes and challenges, and to think about how we can tackle them together.

Jenna Keenan, Lived experience Co-Chair