Comments, compliments, and complaints about SUF

We welcome your comments and ideas – if we get something wrong, then please tell us, so we can listen and learn and make improvements!

SUF is committed to providing its members and service users in the best possible way to meet their needs and to ensuring that they are treated fairly and with respect.

We really value all your comments and ideas, about the work we do. This helps to provide feedback that enables us to continue to be service user led and to continually develop the work we do on your behalf.

Your Comments

You may have ideas, suggestions, or opinions on how SUF could improve its services. If you do, then please do tell us, by speaking to us, phoning, emailing, or writing.

We would really like to hear from you. We will always write back to you and tell you what we will do because of your ideas and comments, so you know what has happened.


If you feel that SUF or a member of SUF staff has done something good or well, then please do tell us!

We record all compliments and always make sure that you receive a reply within ten working days.


SUF and our staff try very hard to get things right. But we understand that we are human and may say or do something that could have been done better. If this happens we need to hear from you so that we have a chance to understand, to learn and to put things right.

So if at any time you feel unhappy about any of the work SUF does, or at any SUF events, contact us so we can talk things through. We can then resolve things quickly.

However, if you feel the issue is more serious you can make a formal complaint. You can speak to the SUF CEO or the SUF Chair of Trustees about your concerns. The staff in the SUF office will be very happy to support you to make contact with them, to quickly sort things out.

How to make a formal complaint:

A formal complaint is most helpful if its put in writing so that it can be sent to the SUF CEO and, or the Chair of the Trustee Board.

However, if your complaint is about the SUF CEO then please send your complaint to the Chair of the Trustee Board only.

  1. When a complaint is received, it will be recorded by the SUF CEO and/or Company Secretary,  to ensure it is tracked and responded to quickly. The SUF Chair of Trustees or SUF CEO will respond to your letter of complaint within two working days, giving you a date by which you will receive a full reply.
  2. In most cases we will aim to reply within seven working days. However if your complaint is more complex we may need a little more time. We will discuss this to you. We remain committed to resolving all complaints as soon as possible, and within 28 days.
  3. The SUF CEO will arrange for an investigation into your concerns. If the complaint is about the SUF CEO, then the Chair of the Trustee Board will arrange for this to take place.
  4. The SUF CEO and/or Company Secretary will keep you informed of progress and will let you know if a response to the complaint cannot be made within the timescales which were originally set.
  5. Once the investigation is complete the SUF CEO (or the Chair of the Trustee Board) if the complaint is about the SUF CEO, will write to you.
  6. This reply will, when appropriate, offer an apology and a solution to resolve the complaint.
  7. This letter will also advise you of your right to appeal against any decision made, and who you should contact to take the complaint to the next stage in the procedure. If there needs to be a follow-up stage in the process, the Chair of the Trustee Board will determine this, depending on the nature and the severity of the complaint.

How to contact us;

The quickest way to raise any concern or issue is to call us and speak to us by telephoning our office on this telephone number: 01473 907087.

Our key contacts for raising concerns or issues are:

  • SUF CEO: Jayne Stevens
  • Chair of Trustees: Guenever Pachent
  • Company Secretary: Robert Nesbitt

You can email us at

You can write to us using the following address:

The New Hollies
Unit 3
Grange Business Centre
Kesgrave, Ipswich
Suffolk, IP5 2BY