Why NSUN doesn’t do World Mental Health Day

We are sharing this interesting and real perspective article about the meaning of World Mental Health Day for people who live with mental ill health, distress or trauma every day.

The article challenges our thinking about the real value of mental health campaign dates, questioning who do they benefit and serve, arguing that corporate campaign dates divert attention away from peoples real lives and their experience of mental illness, simplifying complex issues.

On Sunday, it will be World Mental Health Day. Again. NSUN is a mental health charity, but on World Mental Health Day, or #WorldMentalHealthDay, we’ll be quiet. It doesn’t speak to us, or to many of our members. World Mental Health Day is about awareness raising. But of what, and to what end? World Mental Health Day is a global awareness campaign whose theme is set by the World Federation for Mental Health. This year’s theme is “mental health in an unequal world”, a surprisingly political choice.

But NSUN members are more than aware of mental ill health, distress or trauma: they live with it every day. NSUN members don’t need to be told that mental health is important. Nor do they need to be told it’s good to talk (it’s not, always); that there is always help available (false); that we are not alone (actually, we often are). In fact, it’s way past time to talk: it’s time to scream.

Akiko Hart – NSUN

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