‘Thinking Differently Together’ about ‘Long Covid’ – online event.

Living with Long COVID

The next online ICS event called ‘Thinking Differently Together’ about ‘Long Covid’  is taking place on 17th November 2021, from 3 to 5pm. 

Everyone is welcome and can attend using this LINK, using Microsoft Teams.

A copy of the Agenda for this event is at the end of this post. For a copy of a PDF Agenda please contact Claire, e-mail;claire.hunte2@nhs.net.   

“The Covid19 Pandemic has had far reaching implications for our population. A key issue now emerging for many is the implication of living with post viral illness known as ‘Long Covid’. Recent estimates from the REACT-2 Study are that there may be as many of 2 million people now living with Covid19 in England. This event will explore the impact of ‘Long Covid’ on people’s lives and early thinking about how we need to support those living with ‘Long Covid’ in Suffolk and North East Essex. The event will generate recommendations to be considered by the ICS Board in December 2021.

Should you have any questions please contact claire.hunte2@nhs.net

Also a reminder written reports of previous ‘Thinking Differently Together’ events are available on our website ICS Publications – Suffolk & North East Essex Integrated Care System (sneeics.org.uk).
News shared by Susannah Howard, ICS Programme Director.

If you are living with Long COVID, visit our new SUF Long COVID recovery pages on our website for helpful information and new resources for self-care and support, including support for returning back to work. link HERE

Meeting Agenda:

Long Covid Agenda