Jayne Stevens

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


  About me

I love spending time as a family, doing simple things such as walking our dog Luna in the woods or along the beach, cycling, camping and days in the park. I really value my girl friends who feel like a real sisterhood with genuine warmth affection and understanding of the ups and downs of family life. I am always trying out new crafting activities and really enjoy the mindfulness and creativity of crafts such as crochet, paper crafting and decoupage, spending much of my time doing these with my children, counting and naming the many hundreds of Pokemon characters as required by my son!

  What others say about me

  • Very friendly, bright and bubbly
  • Creative with occasional flights of fancy
  • Passionate about valuing people and their experience

  About my work

I absolutely love working for Suffolk User Forum and the different people that I meet. I work with a fabulous team of staff who can usually laugh at my faults (being late) and who value my strengths, as I certainly value theirs.

We make a great team and I know that together with the people we work with as service users, carers and partners, we really can make a difference to people’s experiences and lives.