Support for Personality Disorder


Moodswings is a unique charity providing intense support to people with mood disorders and their friends and families. At Moodswings all our work centres around Recovery, by which we mean living the best life we can with or without the symptoms of emotional distress. With our upbeat and positive approach to emotional distress we can […]

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Suffolk Mind

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Our Approach to Mental Health All of us have mental health, just as we have physical health. We are all on the mental health continuum – and we move up and down it depending on how we cope with the challenges of life and the stresses that it creates. Suffolk Mind works across the continuum, […]

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The Haven Project

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The Haven Project is dedicated to the support and treatment of people with a personality disorder diagnosis who live in North East Essex. Our Recovery Programme is facilitated by group work but individual one to one appointments are also available. There are Life Skills and Emotional Resilience programmes, Wellbeing programmes and Crafts and Skills sessions A […]

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