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The Suffolk VASP (Voluntary and Statutory Partnership) for Mental Health is a network for anyone with an interest in mental health.

VASP meetings take place across Suffolk to enable local organisations across the voluntary and statutory sectors to be:

  • Partnership Working
  • Raising Awareness
  • Making Connections
  • Reducing Stigma
  • Improving Services
  • Identifying Gaps
  • Linking People
  • Giving a Voice

First set up over 15 years ago, the network is recognised by many as a reliable voice for service providers, government bodies, charitable organisations, practitioners, carers and users of mental health related services alike.

The VASP is not a charity or a constituted body. The VASP is greatly supported and sustained by the large number of individuals and organisations committed to the benefits of working in partnership.

As a collective, the VASP makes a significantly benefits mental health services across Suffolk, by enabling services and groups to be meeting each other and exchanging information in the Locality VASP meetings, and by the VASP sharing news updates by e-mail.

The VASP is an open forum, anyone with an interest in mental health is welcome to get involved, with Locality VASP meetings regularly taking place in several locations across Suffolk. 

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