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The loss of someone close to us can feel overwhelming, and we may feel a mixture of emotions. It is important to know that there is no single way of experiencing loss and no right way to grieve. It is completely normal to feel shock, guilt, anger, relief, despair and many other different emotions.  There is no set time to how long we are affected by loss and a delayed reaction is quite common.

A group consisting of people in a similar situation to yourself will help you gain a greater understanding of the emotions and behaviour you may be experiencing and to discover ways of coping to suit you. You will also have the opportunity to listen and share at a pace that is comfortable for you. The group facilitators will ensure a non judgement and respectful environment to encourage the development of peer support. Each meeting ends with tea or coffee for those who wish to relax briefly and chat informally before going home.

Group support has been shown to be very effective way of working through the process of grieving and feedback from the groups so far has confirmed this to be the case.

If you feel that joining a small group could benefit you why not contact Margaret or Patrick to reserve a place in one of the groups.

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