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Ending domestic abuse, for good.


We believe that domestic abuse can be stopped. Stopped before it starts. Stopped before it ruins lives.

Every year, over two million people in the UK experience domestic abuse. Not one of them should have to wait until they’re in crisis before we pay attention.

And why do we say “for good”? Because we want to stop it before it starts. And if it does start, we want a response that provides long-term, wraparound support to decrease the chance it will happen again. Too many perpetrators repeat their behaviour, too many children grow up impacted by the long-term effects of domestic abuse.

The cycle needs to stop. Forever. For everyone.

What we will do:

To end domestic abuse we must see the whole picture. Domestic abuse is never all of someone’s experiences or situation. We need to see the whole person, the whole family, the whole community and the whole society if we are to truly see the whole picture.

Using this whole picture approach we will:

  • Act before someone harms or is harmed
  • Identify and stop harmful behaviours
  • Increase safety for those at risk
  • Support people to live the lives they want after harm occurs
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