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Ipswich Furniture Project is a registered charity formed 1989 with the express desire to alleviate material deprivation and poverty through the provision quality furniture and white goods to low income households.

Through re-use, recycling and refurbishment we help households in need access furniture, white goods and other household items at affordable prices – providing everything from a single item, to a fully furnished home.

The vast majority of goods provided are donated or items collected as part of a doorstep collection scheme. These items are then sold through our shops or are provided as part of a package of funded support for those in crisis or severe need.

Our shops, household collection and delivery service, provide volunteer, employment, training and work placement opportunities to people with barriers to employment or individuals looking to improve their personal skills and become involved in their community.

We offer up to a 50% discount to our customers who are on benefits. This pricing strategy is successful in attracting low income shoppers without excluding those on higher-incomes who might also want to buy from us. Income from our ‘full price’ sales is used to fund our support of low income households – so shopping with us really helps others.

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