We know we need to keep our bodies fit. We need to keep our heads fit too.

We all recognize that feeling when our head is in the right place – the moments when we’re feeling positive and confident about what we’re trying to achieve, when we’re on top of our game.

Most of us go the other way too.  Everyone has thoughts, feelings and behaviours that don’t really work for us or the people around us. At home and at work.

The fact is, our heads are active all the time. In any day we can feel excited, stressed, irritable, elated, up and down…it’s all completely normal and goes right back to our earliest instincts.

What’s more, the science now shows us that these instinctive patterns don’t need to hold us back.  By understanding how our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and bodily sensations all interact, we can actually help re-wire our brains to work better for us.

There’s a range of proven, everyday tools and habits to help us with that.  But a great start is to STOP and become aware of how you are responding to things.

This is the moment you come off autopilot, CHALLENGE what’s going on in your head and, if it’s appropriate, CHANGE the way you’re thinking.

It’s the basis of HeadFIT for Life.

Learn to check in with yourself and get into the habit of using the tools that are right for you.

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