SUF Charitable Objectives

As you probably know, SUF is a registered charity which means that we are accountable to the Charity Commission for our legal status. It is important that we keep our charitable objectives under review so that they accurately describe our work. Over the last few months, our trustee board has reviewed our charitable objectives. We would like to ask our SUF community members if you think our revised objectives are up to date and accurate, and explain the work we do in SUF.

We have tried to keep the language as clear as possible, but this is not quite as straightforward as it sounds. There are legal rules as to what can and cannot be included and they also must be written in a specific way. We have provided a plain English version below and then the ‘legal’ version that we hope to send to the Charity Commission for approval.

Here is the plain English version:

SUF’s work can help people in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex. We have five main objectives.

  1. We promote partnership working between service providers (such as the NHS) and service users and carers.
  2. We promote suicide prevention initiatives.
  3. We provide advocacy services and information to empower people to make their own decisions.
  4. We promote better understanding of mental wellbeing.
  5. We promote volunteering and peer support.

This is the legal version, that we hope to send to the Charity Commission:

The charity’s objects shall be, for the public benefit of the people of East Anglia.

  1. The advancement of mental health by improving partnership working between providers and people who use services, and their families.
  2. The saving of lives by advancing the prevention of suicide,
  3. The relief of those in need by reason of mental ill-health or disability by providing specialist information, and by promoting self-determination, empowerment and advocacy for people with mental health needs,
  4. The advancement of education by promoting knowledge and understanding of mental ill health.
  5. The advancement of capacity amongst mental health service users, by the promotion of volunteering and peer support groups.

For the purpose of this clause, ‘providers’ means all organisations whether NHS, primary care, social care, independent or voluntary sector, that have a direct or indirect (including a commissioning) role in supporting people who have mental health needs. ‘East Anglia’ means the counties of Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex.”

Please let us know what you think. If you have any questions or views let us know by emailing us at

Please give your views by 28th February 2021. Thank you.