Staying safe and well…Looking after ourselves over the festive holiday and new year 2022/23

Whether or not Christmas is part of our life, our mental health can be affected this time of year by a wide range of things happening around us. Emotional and financial pressures, the shorter days, colder weather, family commitments, difficult and painful experiences, or memories. It’s a time of year that often puts extra pressure on us, which in turn can affect our wellbeing and mental health.

If Christmas is a hard time for us, it’s important to remember that we are not alone.

There are things we can try that can help us.

Our team in SUF coproduced our Thrive with Five series during the Covid lockdowns. The information and support in these booklets can help remind us to focus on our self-care, the things we can do to look after ourselves and to strengthen our sense of wellbeing.

Looking ahead to the new year, many of us begin to think about new year’s resolutions, with a sense of a new year and fresh start.

It’s an opportunity to plan self-care goals, and our Thrive with Five booklets can help us to plan simple steps that one day at a time can make big changes to our wellbeing and mental health for 2023.

To help your mental health over this period you can also take a look at the following websites.

However, if you don’t feel you can keep yourself safe over this holiday period, or are supporting someone who is struggling, please reach out for help and support to stay safe. You can download our anual updated booklet called Emergency Support over the festive period through the download link below.

Emergency support over the festive period 2022

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