Pride Month – Kooth supporting LGBTQi young people

On Kooth there are lots of forum threads and articles related to identity, gender and sexuality and regular live forums.

Content is created by the Kooth professional team and amazing users – where young people are sharing their lived experiences and poetic expressions. 

These links may be a helpful resource to send young people directly to let them know you support them.

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A link to the Kooth podcast called ‘we are queer and have always been here ‘ SPOTIFY PODCAST LINK

Articles on Kooth

Coming out to Family and friends

Coming out: Answers to some of the questions you may be asked

Asexuality: When sex isn’t for you

Being Gay and Muslim

History’s Phenomenal Figures of LGBTQ+ (Part One)

History’s Phenomenal Figures of LGBTQ+ (Part Two)

History’s Phenomenal LGBTQ+ Figures (Part Three)

History’s Phenomenal LGBTQ+ Figures (Part Four)

How to be a Straight Ally? Kooth article 14+

Gender Dysphoria and You

Gender terms

Coming Out Tips

Coming out to family and friends

Coming out: Answers to questions you may be askedKooth article

Asexuality: When Sex Isn’t For You Kooth article

Accepting Your Sexuality Can Be Difficult Kooth article

Imaan – Support for LGBT Muslim People, Kooth article

Ever had a same sex crush Kooth article