Our Objectives

Our Mission is…

To be an inclusive and trusted mental health user led network that values, promotes and strengthens the user voice for positive change, independence, human rights, choice and control.

Our Vision is…

To be the leading organisation in East and West Suffolk, championing equal and valued partnerships between mental health service users, commissioners and providers; combining mutual strengths and experience to improve services, achieving positive emotional and mental health for all.

Our Charitable Objectives

At the SUF AGM held on 16th November 2021, SUF members approved a special resolution is to approve changes to SUF’s charitable objects. The approved objectives are set out as follows.

“The charity’s objects shall be,

for the public benefit of the people of East Anglia, the advancement of mental health by:

a) improving partnership working between providers and people who use services, and their families,

b) the saving of lives by advancing the prevention of suicide, and

c) the advancement of capacity amongst mental health service users, by the promotion of volunteering and peer support groups.

d) the relief of those in need by reason of mental ill-health or disability by providing specialist information, and by promoting self-determination, empowerment, and advocacy for people with mental health needs.

e) the advancement of education by promoting knowledge and understanding of mental ill health.

For the purpose of this clause, ‘providers’ means all organisations whether NHS, primary care, social care, independent or voluntary sector, that have a direct or indirect (including a commissioning) role in supporting people who have mental health needs. ‘East Anglia’ means the counties of Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex.”

In plain English this means

SUF’s work can help people in Suffolk Norfolk and Essex. We have five main objectives.

a) we promote partnership working between service providers (such as the NHS) and service users and carers.

b) we promote suicide prevention initiatives.

c) we provide advocacy services and information to empower people to make their own decisions.

d) we promote better understanding of mental wellbeing.

e) we promote volunteering and peer support.

You can read our Memorandum of Understanding and Articles of Association as approved by members in 2021 and view our Charity Commission certificate through the links below.


SUF Memorandum of Understanding and Articles of Association

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SUF Charity Commission Certficate

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