Men’s health week – suicide prevention event with NSFT

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) will be hosting a public event, discussing men’s health and suicide on 17 June 2021.

The event is being held on the third anniversary of the death of Daniel Willgoss, who was 25 when he took his own life.

Daniel’s mum, Sue, is now employed by NSFT as an advisor on suicide prevention. Sue will share her experience of the impact of suicide on families and what we can all learn from Daniel’s death.

You’ll also have the opportunity to hear from:

  • James Woolnough, from Suffolk User Forum, 
  • Tim Allard from support group Menscraft,
  • Nick Little, from the 12th Man, a project which encourages men to talk about their feelings when they are at the barbers, gym, pub or having a tattoo
  • Michael Jenkins, mental health nurse, who has personal experience of suicide and depression.
  • Diane Hull, NSFT’s chief nurse
  • Robyn Ward, NSFT People Participation Lead, and,
  • Liz Howlett, suicide prevention lead at NSFT.

The number of men who end their own lives through suicide has been increasing in recent years. While women tend to experience more suicidal thinking, men are far more likely to die by suicide.

Men aged 45 to 49 have the highest rate of suicide, according to the Samaritans.

Michael, who recently qualified as a mental health nurse, said: “I am passionate about promoting male mental health and increase suicide awareness.

“I know from my personal and professional experiences that men will talk when they are encouraged, and male mental health and suicide is being taken seriously. The importance of talking and or speaking up cannot be over-estimated.” 

Liz Howlett, suicide prevention lead said: “If someone feels suicidal, talking to someone who can listen and be supportive may be their first step towards getting help.” “We hope that by joining this event people will gain the tools and confidence to have those difficult conversations about suicide.”

To register for the event email:

Event attendees will be given the opportunity to contribute to the self harm and suicide prevention strategy being developed by NSFT.

If you would like to get involved with developing the strategy you can complete a short survey by visiting