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Support for alcohol harm reduction


Last orders Please! Support for alcohol harm reduction

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This booklet has been coproduced with people living with severe mental illness (SMI) as part of our Healthy Together project, which works to support people to live healthier lives.

If we are living with a severe mental illness (for example schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or psychosis) we can be more likely to develop physical health problems than the general population. Using alcohol above recommended guidelines increases our risk of serious health conditions.

This booklet shares the ways in which we can be supported to reduce our alcohol intake.

There are many benefits of taking the steps that can help us to reduce or stop alcohol use, both mental and physical. 

Importantly it can help improve our sleep and reduce our risk of cardiovascular disease, liver disease and cancer, overall improving our mental health.

If you are living with a severe mental illness, and receiving Healthy Together Peer Support, speak to your peer support worker and we can work together to help you to achieve your goal to reduce your use of alcohol.