Information for GP’s and Clinicians

Healthy Together Peer Support can help your patients to meet their health and wellbeing goals through personalised care and peer support planning following SMI Annual Health Checks.

This new service supports patients with SMI (Bipolar, Schizophrenia & Psychosis) to plan, book, attend (including accompanied support to attend) healthcare and wellbeing appointments across 60+ pathways including oral/dental care, physiotherapy, podiatry, healthcare screening (blood tests, bowel, breast, prostrate, cervical etc.), diabetes, ECG, STDs, support to access Covid / Flu vaccines and healthy living interventions e.g., smoking cessation, drug and alcohol harm reduction, diet, and physical activity.

Receiving Healthy Together Peer Support increases the uptake of healthcare appointments by 92%.

It also helps to identify unmet needs in 34% of referrals, supporting people to get these needs met, further supporting them to live healthier lives.

Healthy Together Peer Support provides

  • Initial contact within five days of referral – Key performance Indicator (KPI) met in 100% of referrals.
  • Personalised Care and Support planning/goal setting for physical/mental health and wellbeing.
  • Support for achieving goals through self-advocacy, booking appointments, completion of referral forms, accompaniment to appointments.
  • Support for previously unidentified or unmet needs. Statistically unmet needs have been identified in 34% of people referred.
  • Review and follow up at three-and six-months post referral date.
  • Planning for flu/covid booster vaccinations and next year’s annual healthcare check.

How to refer

Refer using the DXS Referral form titled:

SMI Post Annual Health Check (AHC) Peer Support

Download a copy of our GP/primary care leaflet