I wanted to be referred for Healthy Together support again this year as I have not been managing very well. I had recently been discharged from hospital and have been having huge problems with my housing situation which was making me unwell. I felt like a burden to my ex-partner who had been letting me stay with him, but I knew this could not continue, as it wasn’t fair on him.

Chloe and others in the Healthy Together team have really helped me. Chloe has worked with housing to support me to get a new property; she has helped my ex-partner to get support for all the caring he does for me and to help him stay well, as he has mental and physical health problems. She has also worked with Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT), and I now have a support worker who is helping me with managing my mental health. I feel I have turned a corner.

I really appreciate the help that the Healthy Together Team have given me. It’s made a huge difference to my life and the support I now have

Aaron, beneficiary of Healthy Together peer support

I could write an essay! But simply you guys are invaluable. You have been amazing in supporting us and getting our voices heard. I have no doubts that this is why Aaron is getting a support worker. Your Healthy Together service is brilliant and again, invaluable.

Zac, carer.