A new self help booklet for people living with self harm

Suffolk County Council, Public Health have launched their self-help booklet which aims to help those who self-harm, and their family/friends/colleagues find support.  

It includes a self-harm safety plan that an individual can complete to help them identify coping strategies. This booklet is aimed at those who are thinking about self-harm, to provide an early intervention or as a reference for those who are supporting people who self-harm.

It will help them to develop a better understanding of their self-harming behaviour and promote seeking help.

This booklet has been commissioned by the ICS Wave 2 Suicide Prevention Programme for North East Essex and Suffolk. The booklet is available as both a printable version and a digital version. Click on the links for the version you want.

Trigger warning: The aim of this leaflet is to provide support to people who are self-harming, their parents, carers, friends and colleagues. Therefore, some of the content may trigger feelings of distress.

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Booklet to support people who are self harming, their parents, friends and colleagues

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